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If we can’t fix your alarm we wont charge you!

We are Taking on FarmWatch Installed Alarm Systems Call Us!

Many Farms and properties throughout East Anglia have Alarms, CCTV and Gates installed by FarmWatch. As FarmWatch have now ceased trading we are in a position to accept their previously installed systems onto our customer list. If you have a FarmWatch installed system then please send us a email or give us a call and we will do our very best to help keep your systems running.

• We can supply and fit new sim cards
• We can fix existing faults with cameras and alarms

Secure your house, business or Farm with a Jablotron Alarm system! TPI Security are registered Jablotron installers and we provide yearly maintenance along with urgent callouts, repair & upgrade options for Jablotron alarm systems across East Anglia. Jablotron Alarm systems offer effective security for farms, warehouses, and homes.

• We can take over the repair & maintenance of exisiting Jablotron Alarm systems whether your alarm is new or 20 years old we can help.

Jablotron 100 Alarm System

The newest item in the Jablotron line of alarm systems is the Jablotron 100  series. This alarm system is user-friendly and dependable. It can be connected in a wired, wireless, or hybrid way, depending on the situation and structure that is being defended. Moreover, this alarm offers much more than mere security – it can be exploited to control electronic devices like lighting fixtures, automated gates or barriers, irrigation systems, cooling systems, and so much more. All these capacities are at your fingertips through a keypad command or by using your smartphone.

Our segments are like traffic lights. The green colour means the alarm is unset and you can freely move about the property.

On the other hand, the red colour means STOP. The property is then secured against burglars and unauthorised access is immediately recorded and reported.

You see immediately which parts of your property are protected and which are not thanks to light signals on the alarm keypad.

You will know about every attempt to unset your alarm as the system requires authorisation for such an action by a chip or a code.

Even though setting the alarm is easy, there is no need to worry about unauthorised access.

If, over the course of time, you build yourself, say, a garage, there's never a problem to extend the security of the JABLOTRON 100+ to newly built additions in your property.

You only have to call an installation partner who will install detectors in your garage and connect another “traffic light” segment to your keyboard. You can have up to 20 of these.

With Jablotron temperature sensors the alarm system can monitor the temperature of rooms, buildings, kennels, livestock barns, poultry sheds etc. The system can be programmed to raise alerts if the temperature is to high or to low. It can also produce reports which can be saved for historical data and auditing purposes.


Jablotron Oasis 80 Alarm

The Jablotron Oasis 80 alarm system is a legacy system that is still in service today. The Oasis 80 was a very reliable hybrid alarm system which has protected many properties over the years. We can still service these alarm systems today.


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