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At TPI security, we are one of Norfolk's leading home security installers. We specialise in the installation and servicing of complete range of Home Burglar Alarms, Home security cameras and Smart Doorbells; ensuring that your home remains secure and safe at all times. Our experienced engineer has years of experience providing quality services alongside reliable aftercare. With our attention to detail and dedication to meeting your individual needs, no job is too big or small for us. Get in touch with us today for a tailored solution to fulfil your home security requirements.


Security systems we install

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Home Security Camera System

CCTV from £499 Installed

Installing a cctv camera system in your home can be an invaluable asset for protecting property and assets, as well as providing peace of mind. CCTV installation services provided by our cctv installer based in Norfolk are comprehensive and efficient. cctv camera systems come in many shapes and sizes with varying amount of cameras and recording capabilities. cctv systems provide round the clock surveillance, plus the images can be monitored from the comfort of one's own home or via a smartphone device remotely. cctv is an excellent way for homeowners to protect their premises and deter criminals. We are professional cctv installers and have years of expertise installing cctv systems for homes all over Norfolk so contact us today to find out more about having a cctv installed at your property today.

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Intruder Alarm Systems

Alarms from £499 Installed

Installing home smart alarm system is the most effective way to protect your home from intruders. A home intruder alarm system can provide you with the security and protection your home needs, allowing you to feel secure and rest easy knowing that your home is as safe as possible. Installing a home intruder alarm system is also comparatively cost-effective and perhaps the best way to ensure safety for your family.

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Access Control security systems for homes

Access Control Installed

An access control system for the vulnerable can provide invaluable access and security measures for those who need additional support. Door entry access control systems, for example, are capable of providing access to a home where a vulnerable person lives who cannot get to the door, this is particulary useful with elderly people who find mobility hard. Family can also keep an eye on coming and going so they feel safe that they know who is visiting.

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Smart Doorbells

Smart Doorbell Installed for £249

Installing a smart doorbell can be a smart move for your home. Providing an extra layer of security and added convenience, smart doorbells allow you to know who is at the door before you even unlock it. Additionally, they can allow you to communicate with visitors without ever opening the door. With a smart doorbell installed, you can easily set up motion alerts that let you know when someone is near your home, as well as start streaming live footage on your smartphone with just the click of a button. Smart doorbell installation provides many benefits making it increasingly popular among homeowners.

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Alarm Servicing Norwich

Alarm Service for only £84

Got an existing alarm system that needs some TLC, we can help! we work with many of the most common intruder alarms including Texecom, Veritas, Pyronix, Enforcer, Accenta and many more. We are locally based in Norwich and cover the Norfolk area.

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Why Should You Get A Home Security System?

• A home security alarm will deter potential intruders into thinking your property will cause to much of a disturbance (noise) if they were to enter your property. Generally they will choose an easier property (without an alarm).

• A home CCTV system will give you peace of mind that you can view your home from anywhere in the world, you can also receive notifications of any activity on your property.

• Many of our systems are more affordable than you may think, with home alarm systems from only £499 and CCTV from only £349 you can give your home some protection without huge costs.  

How To Keep Your Home Safe With Technology?

Technology has come a long way, and now it can help keep your home and family safe! Home security systems, cameras, alarms, and smart doorbells are all tools you can use to protect your property. Below we'll discuss the latest technology for keeping your home secure.

Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are one of the most popular ways to protect your home. They allow you to see what’s going on inside and outside of your house at all times. Cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find one that fits your budget and needs. Many modern security cameras also have night vision capabilities which allow them to detect movement even in low light settings.

Home Security Alarms

Alarm systems are another great way to keep your home safe. These alarms will sound when they detect motion or someone trying to break into your house. This is a great deterrent for potential burglars as they will be less likely to attempt a break-in if they know their presence is being detected by an alarm system. Alarm systems are easy to install and many models come with remote access so that you can control them from anywhere with an internet connection.

Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells are quickly becoming one of the most popular home security technologies available today. These doorbells feature built-in cameras that allow you to see who is at the front door without having to open it up yourself. They also give off notifications on your phone whenever someone presses the bell or walks up close enough for it detect motion nearby. This allows you to know exactly who is coming over while still maintaining maximum safety for yourself and family members in case of an intruder or suspicious activity outside of your house!


With all the different types of home security tech available these days, there's no reason why any homeowner shouldn't take advantage of it! From smart doorbells that alert you when someone is at the front door, to comprehensive alarm systems that alert you if someone tries breaking in - there’s something out there for everyone’s budget and needs! When used properly, this technology can help protect both yourself and those around you from potential danger while providing peace of mind knowing that everything is safe at home - no matter where you are! So do some research today about which type of technology works best for YOUR specific situation - then take steps towards making sure YOUR house is secure once and for all!


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