Intruder Alarms Norfolk & Norwich

Are you worried about the security of your home or business?

TPI Security is an intruder alarm installation and repair company based in Norwich and Norfolk. We can install and repair both wired and wireless intruder alarms for homes and businesses In Norwich and across Norfolk. Our experienced team will ensure each system is properly installed and serviced regularly to maximize your safety.

We prioritize customer satisfaction, so you can rest assured that our reliable service is tailored to meet all of your needs. Moreover, we are committed to providing timely support and maintenance so that your security systems are always up-to-date.

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Home Intruder Alarms Installed

Home Security Systems Installed in Norfolk

Home security system installation should not be taken lightly. Home alarms provide unparalleled protection for your family, providing peace of mind when you can't and alerting you in the event of any dangerous or suspicious activity. That's why at TPI Security, we take these services seriously! Our trained engineer will come out to your home and guide you along the entire process of installing a simple easy to use intruder alarm system. We believe that proper installation & maintenance is key to ensuring optimal performance and reliability. If You have an existing system we can provide servicing and maintenance for only £60 inc Vat. Rest assured that TPI have your best interests in mind, we cover all of Norfolk & Norwich – contact us now for more information!  

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Commercial intruder alarm Installation

Business Burglar Alarms Installed in Norfolk 

We are commercial alarm installers in Norfolk, committed to providing commercial businesses of all sizes with the highest standard of security equipment. With our extensive experience in commercial alarm installations, we are able to tailor the right security system for your business needs, helping you protect your commercial properties at all times. The commercial alarm installation products and services we provide come with a full warranty, offering you peace of mind when it comes to securing your premises. We cover all of Norfolk & Norwich, let us help you secure your commercial business today!

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Farm Security System Installer

Farm Intruder Alarms Installed In Norfolk

We are farm alarm installers in Norfolk, providing farm owners and operators with the confidence and peace of mind that their farm and equipment are safe. Our farm alarm installation services are designed to give farmers the necessary protection for their farm buildings, land, livestock and property. We install a range of farm alarms tailored to match customer needs; from simple security systems to more highly advanced options like beam detectors, blaster sirens and remote monitoring capabilities. If You have an existing system we can provide servicing and maintenance or upgrades for your intruder alarm. We are experienced professionals who take pride in our work – no matter how big or small the job is, your farm is safe in our hands!
Find out more about Farm Alarms on our dedicated Farm security website, click below

Farm Security Alarms

Some of Our Burglar Alarm Installations in Norfolk

Home Alarm

Home Alarm Installed Near Norwich

Easy to use smart phone alarm installed near Norwich

Office Alarm

Office Alarm Installed In Wisbech

Protecting a large garden office building with a smart alarm

Farm Alarm

Farm Alarm with master Blaster

Really easy to use Farm alarm system installed near Watton


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