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TPI Security install a wide range of home alarm systems within the Norwich, Dereham and Thetford areas. All of our Home alarm systems are designed to be easy to use and offer great performance and reliability. The alarms we use are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

Whether you need a new Home alarm or just updating a exsisting home alarm TPI security are on hand to help feel safe with our free quotation and honest advice.

Home Burglar Alarm Systems

Why Have A Burglar Alarm?
Having a burglar alarm installed in your home gives you one of the best detterents against potential theives. Most theives will think twice if they see that you have a home alarm installed. Burglaries are not the only reason to have a home alarm fitted, we can now combine smoke alarms and CO2 alarms into your security system ensuring that you can keep your family safe.

Maintanence & Repairs
TPI Security offer a repair and maintenance service for any alarm system. Our servicing costs start from £65 and this covers the first hour of labour. If you currently have your alarm serviced by another company we can takeover the servicing of this system for you and provide you with the TPI Security service.

DIY or Professional Installation
You can pick up many different DIY alarms these days which can be better than no alarm however most of these systems are ungraded meaning that they don't comply to even the basic intruder alarm grading. Having a professional alarm installed really is the best option. From TPI Security you will get a minimum of a grade 2-alarm system, which will be installed, to the latest intruder alarm standards giving you greater reliability and security over the DIY alarms.

Alarms We Install & Service
Texecom Veritas
Texecom Premier
Pyronix Enforcer
Pyronix Euro

Bells Only Alarms
A bells only home alarm system is the most common type of burglar alarm, basically as the name suggests the alarm when triggered will sound a internal and external bell to notify passers by that you have an intruder. A bells only alarm does give the deterrent of having a visible alarm box on your home and if triggered not many thieves want to hang around whilst a loud siren is drawing attention to them. The disadvantage is that this kind of alarm relies on neighbours or passers by to react to the alarm going off which if you live in a remote location will not be very effective.

Self Monitored Alarm System
Self monitored home alarm systems are becoming increasingly popular with our customers as it gives you communication from the house alarm for less cost than the traditional monitored alarms. Self monitoring is where the alarm panel sends a text message to your mobile phone or a voice message via a speech dialler. This gives you the advantage of knowing when your alarm is going off so you can take the appropriate action. Our monitored alarms cost £160 per year or £15 per month this price includes the annual service of your alarm.

Smartphone Self Monitored Alarm System
Smartphones are now being used to have control of your alarm system while your away from your property. You can set and unset the alarm, receive notifications when an alarm is triggered. This is by far our most popular alarm system we install, you get full control of your alarm and you can feel safe that in the event of a intrusion you will know about it.

Monitored Alarm System
Having a monitored alarm system is when your alarm is connected to an alarm receiving centre who monitor your alarm and let you know when any intrusions or alarms have happened. You can also have your alarm receiving centre dispatch the fire brigade when a smoke detector is triggered.

Whatever your requirements TPI Security are on hand to help give us a call you might be surprised at our prices.

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